Cherilyn Naughton


I have always been fascinated with the idea of repetition - that there can never be two of anything that will be exactly alike – even a snowflake.  (A childhood wonder for me!)   I would say that my work reflects a deep and fundamental respect for the natural ordering and uniqueness of each element of life, and a personal exploration of the “rules” involved in a continuing healthy and reverent exploration of the process of creation/creativity.  Through the application of these “rules,” which I conceive of and apply to the development of each piece, I myself learn about the process of evolution as my considerations change to accommodate the ideas of beauty and balance within a given piece.  Working in this way is a little like watching a miniature universe unfolding on the surface in front of me.

That said, the issues of scientific “advancement” in terms of genetic alteration, cloning, synthetic biology and other human interventions – well intended or not - are important issues which continue to challenge and inform my current work.


“Because We Can”   ink on paper   20” x 28”   2009

#35:  When Beliefs Collide: An Argument With Sol le Witt

“Parallel Realities & The Germ of Life”

“So Cute”

“Channeling Sap”

installation shot, “Let’s Not Think About It”

“The World According to Tiffany”