Cheselyn Amato


My way of life and the intention of my work have always been entwined. I seek as full becoming and being as I may, and I wish to encourage and support all who are motivated by similar desires or want to discover them. May each and every human being have the opportunity to assist and be assisted in the effort to realizing each our fullest potential. My work is both a chronicle of the journey I take every day in honor of that effort and a love song to say how amazed I am by the mystery of being and becoming. No matter how strange and at times harrowing I may find this life on the other end of enthralling and exhilarating and ecstasy-producing, no matter how enchanted or disenchanted, always the amazing quality of the mystery of all that is persists and triumphs over all other possibilities.  


Paying attention and noticing govern my visual practice. My art-work involves paying attention with my eyes in order to notice those visual experiences that trigger the sublimity, awe, wonder and delight that I cherish. The work is a capturing of those flashes, instants, instances when the aperture of what can be seen opens and is offered as a gift. So the aperture is as much the momentary opportunity to have primary experience as it is the moment to capture and preserve that experience. An intense passion for the human experience drives me in every way, and I look at life and death, living and dying, with the same curiosity and necessity. My goal for myself and for anyone who can benefit from such strategy and findings is to (en)courage each and everyone of us to stay with it, and do this life with zest and zeal. No matter how conditions and circumstances are – how they appear – from the best to the worst – my goal is to herald and carry a torch that reveals the place where nothing can daunt true and authentic freedom and liberty or hinder synergy, integration and joy – all of which are available to everyone anytime and all the time. 


Hear in images the heralding song that reminds and calls us to soar, see the ever-present opportunity to affirm and say yes in the infinite compositions that we can recognize and frame, and let this overcome darkness. To light, life, love, surprise, resonance and resilience!

With love, Cheselyn

Cheselyn Amato is a resident artist at the Verge Center for the Arts, Sacramento.

Crossing the Axis Under Asymptotic Conditions

(Harnessing the Power of Never-Ending Possibility)


Geometry of Transformation: Spirographic Mandalas, Sunflowers, and Digital Calculations

Alchemy of Light: Radiant Film, Silhouettes, Wire and Light

Forms: Digital Print and Sculptural Installation

Format and Scale: Variable upon Circumstance