Axis Gallery Membership Application Guidelines


Axis Gallery is an artist-run space. This cooperative has been together for over 25 years building a reputation for exhibiting challenging contemporary artwork. Artist members are equal partners and support the gallery through sales of artwork, contribution of labor and monthly dues. The gallery is moving from its present location on 19th Street to the Verge Center for the Arts at 7th and S Street. The current location on 19th Street will close at the end of April and open at the Verge Center in June.  The increased space at the new location allows for an ongoing display of members work as well as a space for solo or invitational exhibitions.  


  1. Axis gallery is a reputable gallery well known and respected in the arts community

  2. Each member is entitled to one solo show per 16-18 months, plus participation in the members gallery and a portfolio of unframed work in the gallery flat files

  3. Publicity is sent to magazines and online sources for all exhibitions

  4. A yearly publication documenting all gallery exhibitions is produced in book form

  5. A website is maintained featuring artists websites, contact, and exhibit information


  1. Monthly dues ($50 per mo.)

  2. Gallery sitting (aprox. 8 times a year)

  3. Attend monthly meetings

  4. Contribute to gallery operations


  1. 20 images (cd only)

  2. Artist statement

  3. Resume/Bio

  4. Cover letter articulating your interest in joining Axis Gallery

Mail application to:

Axis Gallery, 625 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811