Roma Devanbu


My work is about spiritual life, devotional feelings, doubts, longings, and prayers. It is about the belief structures that we construct around, and in support of, our concepts of the divine and the shapes of the spaces we create for the divine to fill. 

My deeply rooted devotional life is matched by a practical, skeptical and scientific side. I have been perplexed and sometimes tormented by the inconsistencies this presents. I use the art making process to study this exquisite and complex knot in hopes of discovering how it might be untied.

My compositions are often symmetrical suggesting the formality of a sacred place or object.  Lines, spirals, checkers and dots create intricate and exuberant patterns, a glossolalia of uncorked visual prayer, flowing outward from an open center. The central space is a visual question. Is it empty or open? Is it “blank” because there is no God to fill it or do we need to see with our hearts what cannot be seen with the eyes?

Paper Temple Installation at the Pence Gallery

"Spirit Mirror" Ink on Paper, 32" x 40"

"Give me the Words", Acrylic and mixed medium on Canvas, 60" x 74"